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IMG_7612bwChristopher Ducharme is a writer and artist hailing out of Winnipeg, MB. He has self-published his first independent graphic novel The Tempest Moon and has writing credit for several other secret projects, coming soon to print.

His first website was titled Anonymi Press, which was dedicated to the promotion of self-published and indie comics. There were several things available on this website, including some fun web comics (written and illustrated by Christopher), a blog about his exploits in the art world and a space meant to showcase indie artwork known as Indie Exchange. Due to some life changes, he was forced to shut down that website.

The term Anonymi (a-non-eh-my) was a portmanteau, derived from the words “anonymous” and “Illuminati”. Taking meaning from the two terms – someone who publishes without their identity being known; a secret society – Anonymi meant a society dedicated to “anonymous” publishers. The symbolism was in viewing indie publishers as “unknown publishers”.

Christopher decided to go back to his roots with his new website and used a long time online moniker; Project Anonymus. You may notice that the work “Anonymus” is missing a letter. This was intentional; Anonymus was meant to be a moniker; the name of an individual; an identity. The goal of the moniker started from a new beginning after high school; the project being continuing on as someone no one knows; and continues to this day to act as an identifier.

Today, Project Anonymus keeps it’s original meaning and carries it over. The project is a new beginning for an online presence. Christopher is “Anonymus” and anyone involved with this project is part of the Anonymi. Symbolism aside, the goal is and always has been to bring attention to the little guy.

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Annie the Anonymi Girl is a fictitious character created by Chris as a means of mascotting his website. Since the earliest inception of Anonymi Press, Chris had felt a mascot for his work was needed. It took several years before he settled on the design of Annie. He waited to design her as he wanted her to be absolutely perfect. Ironically, her design came to fruition one day during an impromptu sketch and the very first inception was exactly what Chris was looking for.

To date, she has been featured in two of his works – his Inktober efforts for October 2017 and his personal website (this one). He has dreamed up a story to include her in and maybe one day, that story will come to the light as well.


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